About Me

Art is about living enjoying the finer things in life.

Look and you will notice the sunrise when you are doing the mercy dash to school, work or an appointment. Does it really matter if you are late or early? You set the pace, so stop and think about what is it you really want in life, what is your purpose? Only then will your life be filled with an abundance of beautiful colours.

Art to me is life! Without life we do not have a purpose.

Who is Glad? I married in my thirties, became a mother later in life during this time came the change from working full-time, stressing about everything to stepping back and taking back my life. Now I have the perfect work-life-balance I work part-time in administration, I spend free time volunteering in a variety of activities that involves being a companion to the elderly, helping children read and write, back drops for productions, walking the dog and when I am in the zone I put paint on canvas or ink on paper.